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Chazael Lotion

Chazael lotion is a new and exciting pain relief product formulated and proven highly effective in physical therapy applications with numerous patients.  The pain relief as noted in our Testimonals is real and immediate.  It Really Works!   And, there is no unpleasant odor as with many other lotions that all use the same less effective, smelly ingredients.  Chazael Pain Relief Lotion contains all-natural ingredients with no chemicals, preservatives, dyes or perfumes.

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Chazael Pain Relief Lotion

(pronounced khaz-aw-ale’)
Effective relief from muscle and joint pain!

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chazael lotion

My wife and I could not believe it.

Dear Pat,

My therapist gave me this lotion to try for the swelling I’m experiencing in my feet ever since being shot.  Nothing has helped to alleviate the severe swelling until my therapist gave me this product to use.

This stuff is amazing! It has completely eliminated the swelling in my feet.  My wife and I could not believe it.  My therapist says that it works equally well in helping to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, muscle spasms, related pain, and also increasing flexibility of all joints plagued by arthritis. My therapist calls it “the anointed ointment”.

For severe conditions, my therapist has recommended to use copious amounts throughout the day.  There are no side effects and it is all natural.  Please try this product on your hands and let me know how it works.

Love in Jesus name,
Pastor Tim Remington

Miracle for pain

I’ve had several surgeries on my neck and lived in constant pain. Since coming here and using the lotion with the physical therapy, I am almost pain free, and my neck movements are easier to make while driving, etc. My arm and hand no longer tingle all the time and it’s made putting off surgery a reality. It works on the knots in my shoulders and up and down both sides of my neck. Just rub it in and let it work!

Karen Mishler

Make a Fist

When someone would say “make a fist”, I could only chuckle and give them my flat hand with fingers slightly curved. But one day I was very blessed to be treated with a lotion called CHAZAEL!! Now I can make a complete fist with my right hand and almost a complete one with my left. When I began using the lotion, I used it frequently throughout the day for the first week or so, and now I apply it 2-3x each day; some days even less. The greatest benefit of this lotion is being PAIN FREE. My body is full of osteoarthritis, so I then began using it on my neck, shoulders, hip and now my back, where I have a L3-5 stenosis (narrowing). I am so blessed that Kevin listened to God’s promptings and persevered over years to develop this lotion called CHAZAEL (Hebrew translation-‘God Sees’). It has blessed me with a greater quality of daily living.


Kathleen I Peel

I am pain free

Most days I suffer from arthritis, and Doctors only want to prescribe meds to manage the pain. I have been using the Chazael lotion and I am pain free.

Brian R.

I love the results of this Lotion

Joshua Tree PT is the place I go when muscles or bones are aching. The Chazael lotion is the first thing I’ve tried that I
Can see and feel the stuff working, even on my bones. No bad smell, just rub it in and feel it work, I love the results of this
Lotion, And recommend this to everyone who lives with pain or arthritis.

Karen B.

I’ll always keep a bottle handy

I have arthritis in my hands and at times they are very sore to the touch and even sometimes ache without touching or moving them. I am a web designer and I developed the Chazael website. So I would have a better understanding of the product, Kevin gave me a bottle to try. He said “trust me, it works great”.  The first time I used Chazael I rubbed it into my hands and then again a bit later. I felt substantial relief!  Since there is no real cure for arthritis, I’ll always keep a bottle handy. It does really work!

LOL, So here I am on a trip to Colorado with sore hands wishing I had not left my bottle of Chazael lotion at home in the fridge. I think I’ll remember to pack it next time!

Lu Myser

Chazael has relieved my pain, swelling and stiff joints

I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Joshua Tree!
After breaking my wrist in Dec. 2014 I developed extreme pain, swelling and stiffness in my arm and hand.
I have made amazing progress since being treated by Kevin and his wonderful staff.
I have mobility in my arm down to my finger tips. The lotion , “Chazael” has relieved my pain, swelling and stiff joints.
I have been so blessed and am thankful for Physical Therapy at Joshua Tree.

Rebecca H.

The lotion has a healing feel

After using Chazael for about a month I feel this lotion is very beneficial to the recovery of the soft tissue in my arm
After having broken my arm. The lotion is pleasant smelling, cool and soothing and seems to take away the pain I was having.
The lotion has a healing feel. It doesn’t seem to numb the pain but removes the pain almost. Also, Chazael lotion has eased the pain almost instantly in my hip that has degeneration, It seemed to stop the pain immediately.

Rebecca B.